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Road to USC

How to Apply to USC
Please follow the following link

Important Things to Remember
1. Make a list of your tasks and give appropriate priority and deadline to each item.
2. Pick postal mailing address where mail won't be missed. Preferably use your office address as your postal mailing address.
3. In online application status page, you will be given a 9 digit student number. Remember, it is your temporary social security number. So use it when you are asked for social security number.
4. Keep at least 5 photocopies of your passport/visa/admission letter/offer letter/I-0/Sevis fee i.e. all documents you have. Carry them with you wherever you go for US admission/visa/flight/money related work.
5. If you FAX to USA, I think you should FAX after 8 pm (night) between TUESDAY and FRIDAY (all Bangladesh time) so that they get FAX during office hours.

Send your TOEFL & GRE score as soon as possible because ETS makes so much delay now-a-days. Unless your TOEFL & GRE score received, you can’t get admission.
USC Institution Code is 5818

Arrival Assistance
If you have admission, please contact someone here in Columbia for arrival assistance (airport pickup, initial accomodation, etc.). If you don't know anyone, please contact any of the BSA committee members.

On-Campus Housing: Most of the bachelor students live in Carolina Gradens. At gardens, it costs $250/room for 3-bedroom apartments and $350/room for 2-bedroom apartments which also includes Water& Electricity charges. Find more information about campus housing at

Off-Campus Housing: Most of the students with families live in Park Place Apartments and West Vista Apartments which are about 3 miles from USC. Apartment Unit costs between $450 to $520.

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