Carolina Gamers Club

Welcome to the official site of the Carolina Gamers Club at the University of South Carolina!

Our sole purpose here on campus is to establish a community centralized around gaming by hosting activities that highlight gaming, game development, and community outreach through gaming.

Founded in Spring of 2015, we are looking forward to our third year of life!

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We have two weekly meetings, one for Game Design, one for Game Play.

Meeting Days Time Start Time Ending Location
Game Design Tuesdays 7:45pm 8:45pm 300 Main, B213
Game Play Thursdays 7:30pm 300 Main, B102

Upcoming Meeting Themes:

Game Design:  GDC Video Talk & Discussion- October 3rd

Game Play: Free Play – October 5th

Cool Stuff We Do:

  • Game Development & Design
    • Workshops
    • Lectures
    • Assemble teams of Game Developers
  • Game Play
    • Theme nights
    • Free Play
  • Community Engagement
    • USC Family Game Night
    • Game Jam
    • Indie Bits