Game Design Workshops

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Great news! We are now starting a Game Design Workshop Series where, after each workshop, you’ll have a new game and some advanced Unity functions under your belt!

We’ll be providing hands on direction and experience with the game engine Unity and the graphics software Blender.


When?: Sunday, November 1st, 8th, & 15th (Game Engine Only)

What Time?: 2pm – 6pm

Where?: Swearingen 2A27, USC

Is it free?: Yes!

Is it just for USC students?: Nope! Everyone is welcome!

Do I need to bring a laptop?: Yes. Computers and software will not be provided. Make sure to download the software (both Unity and Blender are free) before you come!

Do I need to have previous knowledge or experience with the software or game design?: Not at all! We’ll be going over the basics, so just come with a craving to learn! (Of course, reading up before hand is definitely recommended)