Game Developers Conference

Once a year, the Carolina Gamers Club raises money to send a hand-picked selection of it’s most dedicated and hardworking members to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. At this week long conference, participants will learn the latest in video game development, receive hands on training in new tools through workshops, and network with developers from large and successful video game companies as well as indie developers and other large companies (Google, Sony, Intel, etc.).

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Become A Sponsor

As a student organization, our primary revenue stream is through our student government committee and local business who are generous enough to donate to our cause. This year, we would like to offer a sponsorship opportunity for larger business and corporations. There are three sponsorship levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level is signified by the monetary donation amount!

2016 Participants & Reflection

  • The Game Developers Conference was an absolute pleasure to attend. It was inspiring to see how accessible and open the major game developing companies were to questions and conversations about certain mechanics they utilized and different ideas they had about the games as they were in production. I learned a lot of what goes into making a good game, including how to account for reflection in a stereoscopic visual environment, include global illumination in Unity 3D, and implement unique functions and mechanics into games. I was able to interact and stay in contact with several companies including Soma Games and Havok. One of the most inspiring moments I had at the conference was seeing the student awards hosted by Intel. It showed me that excelling in an environment like the gaming industry was something tangible and worth pursuing. Another important thing I learned while attending the Game Developers Conference was the amount of material I still need to learn. I realized that while I do have a good handle on making a good game, I have a long way to go before I can make a great game. I also want to take this last moment to thank the Carolina Gamer’s Club for giving me, as well as the rest of the people who went, the opportunity to be involved and learn from the conference. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back next year to learn additional ideas and concepts as well as connect with even more people.
    • Jacob Clark
    • CGC Game Developer Lead
    • B.S. Computer Science 2017

  • On March 15th, 2016, the Carolina Gamer’s Club (CGC) departed on a trip to San Francisco, California, to attend the annual Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). It was an incredible learning experience & each and everyone of us gained valuable knowledge into the video game development industry. Over the course of only half a week, I gained a great deal of experience and insight into how to enter the industry. The week prior to leaving for GDC, CGC gave a very informative Q&A by video game advertiser Chris Ansel. In this chat he told us we needed to make face with as many people as possible, and it would be our best chance at getting our foot in the door for the industry. I followed this advice and networked with as many people as possible and expanded my connections throughout the conference. A very helpful tip for any future GDC attendants, try to get out of your element as much as possible, talk with as many people as possible, and don’t worry about being nervous. Overall, the experience was very helpful for my career. I made many great connections and more importantly learned how to successfully network in a new environment which I believe is an invaluable skill. It’s very interesting to see what skills you can learn over the course of just one week in California. I am very much in debt to CGC for funding this trip and helping us get into the industry.
    • Thomas Panetti
    • CGC Game Development Lead
    • B.S. Computer Science 2017

  • I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference. I learned a great deal about the games industry, I got to meet a lot of cool people from all over, and, most importantly, I got to see a lot of cool games and interesting tech. My favorite part of my trip was touring the offices of GitHub, which we were fortunate enough to be able to do by talking to someone at the GitHub booth at GDC. I learned quite a bit about internship programs at various companies at GDC. First: apply early. Many of the application deadlines had already passed before the conference even started, so in the future I will keep a list of places to apply to and be sure to apply to them as early as possible. Second: be sure to have something in a portfolio. Every developer that I talked to said that they got into the industry by making games. Game development isn’t fit for everyone; it takes a lot of passion to endure the grueling hours and low (relative to other computer science jobs) pay to do something you truly love. The best way to show this passion is by working on your own games on your own time. CGC is a great way to do this. Third: be sure to play games. Becoming a game developer without playing games isn’t really a smart idea. Making games isn’t easy, and it becomes a lot harder without knowledge of what makes games fun or good. Lots of booths at GDC give out free swag, so I was sure to try and experience it all. I got a few awesome T-Shirts, and even won a tablet, which was very cool. In addition, I got a free Samsung Gear VR from Oculus, and some neat key chains and stickers. While the swag was great, of course, that was not the point of the trip. I learned a lot, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me to go. All in all, I had a great time at GDC. It was fun to walk around San Francisco, and the travel, while very tiresome, wasn’t all that bad. I made a few connections on LinkedIn, made better friends with some people, and learned a great deal about the industry. I hope I can go back next year and learn even more.
    • Jermey Day
    • CGC Game Development Lead
    • B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics 2018