Meeting Start End Room Building
Game Design 7:45pm 8:45pm B213* 300 Main St.
Game Play 7:30pm B101* 300 Main St.

*Rooms are subject to change

This Month’s Schedule

Date Group Meeting Topic
September 7th General Meeting General Meeting
September 12th Game Design Intro to Game Design
September 14th Game Play Retro Game Night
September 19th Game Design TBD
September 21st Game Play Free to Play
September 26th Game Design TBD
September 28th Game Play Rhythm & Dance

Interested in game design? Well congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! The Carolina Gamers Club is USC’s only student organization for learning how to design games (no experience required)!Game Design

This semester, our goal is to provide students with the resources and materials they need to create a game! Each meeting we’ll either give a lecture on a specific aspect of game deesign/development or go over critical thinking exercises. Throughout the semester, we will also give workshops on the game engine Unity and the graphics software Blender (2D only). Our games will be playable at USC’s Family Game Night (Fall) and we will submit the to the Indie Bits & Pieces Gaming Festival (Spring). So let your creativity flow and participate in our game design opportunity!

  • School Year 2015-2016
    • Focus: During the semester, students were divided into teams. Each team was instructed to create a random game with a specific type and must incorporate four specific nouns (with one mulligan).  For example, one team might have to create a first person shooter and incorporate watermelons, Germany, windshield wipers, and rings.
    • Game Design Lead
      • William Hoskins
    • Team Leads
      • Jermey Day
      • Jacob Clark
      • Noel Raley
      • Thomas Panetti
    • Spring 2016
      • Format
        • Each game lead will pitch a game
        • Members will rank each game on which one they want to participate in
        • Each member will be assigned a game to work on based on their rankings and area of expertise
    • Fall 2015

        Game: Nano Byte (Team Jacob, Fall 2015)
      •  Format
        • Rando Gameo
        • Each group must make a game that contains four randomly chosen nouns.
      • Nouns
        • Wife
        • Cancer
        • Disaster
        • Trainer