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7pm to 10pm
Williams Brice "College of Nursing" Building Room #133


Ouran High School Host Club

NASHI is a club at the University of South Carolina. An acronym for "Nippon Anime Society of Heavenly Imagery", Club NASHI is for the celebration of all aspects of Japanese culture as well as the anime subculture around the world. At our weekly meetings we watch anime that the club has voted in. Nashi also hosts a variety of planned and unplanned activities aside from the weekly meetings, such as karaoke nights, video game tournaments, cosplay picnics, holiday parties, and our very own anime convention, NashiCon.


  • Hello Nashi! We are in fact having a meeting this week, and it's an important one! Given that our President, Jacob, will not be available for the entirety of next semester, we need to conduct an emergency election during the meeting to choose his successor. As with last time, we will taking nominations for his office at this time. Please post a comment under the pinned post on our Facebook group nominating yourself or someone else that you feel is qualified to serve as Nashi president, though keep in mind that they have to be a full-time student of USC (at least 12 credit hours worth of classes registered for next semester) in order to serve. In the event that an existing officer wins the election, we will then have an additional election to determine who will fill their position (though only if they win, they will just serve out the remainder of my term otherwise).

    In other news, given that Video Girl Ai ended last meeting, we will be filling the empty time in our upcoming meeting with two more episodes of Toradora.

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