Every Thursday
7pm to 10pm
Williams Brice "College of Nursing" Building Rooms #131 and #132


To be determined

NASHI is a club at the University of South Carolina. An acronym for "Nippon Anime Society of Heavenly Imagery", Club NASHI is for the celebration of all aspects of Japanese culture as well as the anime subculture around the world. At our weekly meetings we watch anime that the club has voted in. Nashi also hosts a variety of planned and unplanned activities aside from the weekly meetings, such as karaoke nights, video game tournaments, cosplay picnics, holiday parties, and our very own anime convention, NashiCon.


  • Hello Nashi! We apologize for not posting anything about where we are meeting this week sooner, but we have been doing some last minute wrangling to get a larger room than the ones USC gave us. As was posted earlier on the Facebook group, we are meeting this week in the Williams-Brice "College of Nursing" Building, located at . The rooms are rooms #131 and #132 , which can be located by entering the building by the Greene Street entrance and going all the way back to the end of the hallway. We MIGHT be able to get a larger room in the building that can seat up to 60 people, but this isn't guaranteed to go through in time for the meeting on Thursday, so we apologize if the meeting will have to be split up into two rooms.
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