Every Thursday
7pm to 10:30pm
Gambrell Hall #151

Rurouni Kenshin

NASHI is a club at the University of South Carolina. An acronym for "Nippon Anime Society of Heavenly Imagery", Club NASHI is for the celebration of all aspects of Japanese culture as well as the anime subculture around the world. At our weekly meetings we watch anime that the club has voted in. Nashi also hosts a variety of planned and unplanned activities aside from the weekly meetings, such as karaoke nights, video game tournaments, cosplay picnics, holiday parties, and our very own anime convention, NashiCon.


  • Hello Nashi! Following the voting earlier, our shows for the month of April are Steins;Gate, Parasyte, and Rurouni Kenshin.

  • Hello Nashi! Our meeting place for this week and for every future meeting this semester has been moved to Gambrell (located here at ), specifically Gambrell room #151. While it has been fun having our meetings in the Nursing Building, we have unfortunately not been able to secure the room for future meetings this semester. Although the room has been moved, the time has not, meetings still start at 7pm.

    In other news, we have decided that once 20 people have paid membership dues this semester we will bring snacks and drinks to the meeting once a month, every month, until the end of the semester. Membership dues are only $5 (and aside from funding the club for things like this, paying dues also gets you a $5 discount off registration to NashiCon), and we are about five or six people away from reaching our goal for snacks this semester!

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