This year Carolina Service Council is once again assisting in the Carolina Cares Holiday Donation Drive. There will be a table on the second floor of Russell Monday-Friday 11AM-2PM where you can check out supplies. The drive will be ongoing for the month of November. The options this year include:


Bring the spirit of giving back to a child in Columbia this year

When filling your stockings, we ask you follow these guidelines: • NO EDIBLES or CANDY
• No razors or other sharp objects

• Mark the header with a specific age range and gender and staple to top of stocking • Please provide BRAND NEW gifts

• For children under 3, items must be marked age appropriate (For example, a stuffed animal can not have a tag 3+

Suggested items:


Infant – 1 year
Sleeper, socks, bibs, tshirts, pampers, travel-size shampoo, lotion, rattles, stuffed animals, soft books
2 – 3 years old
Trucks, blocks, books, toothbrush, flash cards, comb, brush, socks
4-5 years old
Toy cars, coloring book, crayons, markers, cooks, comb, brush, gloves, socks, games, small action figures
6-8 years old
Action figures, cars, stuffed animal, travel size game, books coloring books, ear muffs, gloves, markers
9-12 years old
Electronic games, balls, key chains, books, pens, pencils, cap


Infant-1 year
Sleeper, socks, bibs, tshirt, pampers, travel-size shampoo, lotion, rattles, stuffed animal, soft books
2-3 years old
Dolls, blocks, books, toothbrush, toothpaste, flash cards, comb, brush, socks, barrettes

4-5 years old
Dolls, dishes, coloring books, crayons, markers, books, comb, brush, gloves, socks, games 6-8 years old
Dolls, stuffed animals, travel-size games, books, coloring books, ear muffs, gloves, markers 9-12 years old
Stuffed animals, diary, books, nail polish, make up, hair accessories


Family “sponsorship” consisting of a box of non-perishable food supplies and a holiday card

Each box should contain enough food to feed a 4 person or 6 person family
Although the amount of items per box should be influenced by the family size for which your organization decides to provide, there should be a minimum of the following amount of food

  • 1 canned meat (for the main dish) § 3-4 sides
  • 1 dessert to share
  • 1 beverage to share

Here are some items that are appropriate for the boxes:

  • Turkey (canned)
  • Ham (canned)
  • Boxed mashed potatoes
  • Canned yams
  • Stuffing mix
  • Canned vegetables
  • Dessert mixes
  • Soda
  • Apple cider
  • Juice
  • Gift cards
  • An original card wishing the family a happy and safe holiday season!


Send a Holiday card to a military hero!

Please consider the following guidelines when writing cards:

  • Be creative and spread holiday cheer! You can draw pictures, write a poem, or simply say, “Thank you for your service and happy holidays.”
  • Use generic card titles such as “Dear Service Member, Military Family Member, or Veteran” when addressing cards.
  • Do not include inserts of any kind as these will be removed during the sorting process.
  • Refrain from using glitter as it could aggravate existing health issues of wounded, ill or injured recipients.
  • Avoid putting any type of personal contact information.

You may sign the card using just your first name, “USC student,” or something similar.

Celebrate the spirit of service at USC’s 62nd annual Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 1

For more information or questions, contact Carolina Cares Director Summer Lawson at or at (828) 404-6811