Who: USC Miracle Makers
What: Standing/Dancing/Celebrating for 14 Hours FTK
When: March 21, 2015 from 10 a.m. to midnight
Where: Strom Thurmond Wellness Center
How: Sign up today online!

Main Event Teams

The Main Event Teams have been divided into the 6 Biospheres that represent the 6 floors of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital! If you were present at the Hero Rally, you were told which Team and Miracle Children your specific team will be a part of!

The teams include:

Aquatic: Tri Delta, Kappa Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta, DSP, Y-Impact and Sigma Alpha Iota
Rainforest: Gamma Phi Beta, OTOD 4 Life, Money Team, PMD and Phi Delta Epsilon
Grasslands: Phi Mu, Team Bennett and Sims 2 FTK
Arctic: Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Home Brewed and Pi Beta Phi
Temperate: Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dirty Dancing, Cocky Catholics, Zeta Tau Alpha and Rockin with Roth
Desert: Delta Zeta, Alpha Chi Omega, ESA, USC Dance Company, The Cocktails and Christians 4 Kids