About Us

What is GlobeMed?

Established in 2007, GlobeMed is a student-driven non-profit organization committed to building a movement to improve global health.

There are currently 55 univeristy chapters throughout the nation that are partnered with a different non-governmental grassroots organizations in either Africa, Asia, North America, or South America.  Each chapter works with their partner towards making sustainable impacts in their partner communities and in spurring development of new global health programs and curricula on their college campuses.

The aim is to improve the health of people living in poverty by focusing on basic foundations such as nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene, maternal health, and communicable disease prevention.

Founded in 2012, GlobeMed at the University of South Carolina partners with Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM), a grassroots organization in Orissa, India, to empower and develop the village people of North Orissa, with emphasis on women, children, and Dalit communities.