Earth Day

April 22 each year is Earth Day. SAGE celebrates with all the people and allies with whom we work throughout the year. That means we have a big crowd of people who really care about the Earth all together learining, educating, eating, and crafting.

Usually SAGE brings games, music, food, arts and awareness tables to Earth Day. Other groups from the local area also bring displays, a service or technology. SAGE has held Earth Day on Greene Street and on the Horseshoe.

Earth Day is a good chance to see what SAGE works on during the fall and spring semesters. You can just come to learn something new or you could even get involved and sign a petition. Earth Day covers topics from renewable energy to composting to local wildlife.

There's lots of energy at Earth Day and the one way to feel it is come see it. The pictures below are from Earth Day 2005.

Earth Day 2005 - Click a photo to see it larger

Daniel serves stew.

Pot painting with Gwyn.

The South Carolina Wildlife Federation chilling under a tent (Earth Day is hot)

Rangers from Congaree National Park, the bald cypress swamp in Hopkins

Robyn shows why you should recycle.

She's rocking the vintage Earth Day shirt.

Paper Stock Dealers is a local recycling company.

Laura Pergolizzi, USC's Environmental Services Manager, displays campus recycling.

Bikes are a key way to get around campus.

The local transit authority added bike racks to its buses.

Michael from Carolina Peace educates on nuclear weapons.

Wear the Earth on your arm!

Life's good after winning big.