Earth Day 2007
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SAGE takes Arbor Day to the Community

USC students of SAGE and Carolina Outreach Program & Services (COPS) brought Arbor Day to the Eddie B. Lloyd Jr. Community Center (formerly the Waverly Community Center) on Friday, December 2, 2005. SAGE taught the kids about the history of the holiday in South Carolina and reviewed tree planting tips. All of the kids joined in with shovels and spirit as they planted a Southern Magnolia nearby the center. Arbor Day ended with a reading of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax , a timeless tale of caring for the trees.

Arbor Day in South Carolina falls on the first Friday of December, right at the start of the planting season. Fall is a good time for planting in SC because roots suffer minimal transplant shock, there's usually plenty of rain and the dormant plant won't waste energy attempting to grow. Once spring comes, the plant can ease into its natural cycle.

More information on the Eddie B. Lloyd Jr. (formerly Waverly) Community Center can be found on their website -

You can read more about Arbor Day at

Arbor Day Planting on Campus

A.C. Moore Park now has a new river birch tree to provide shade and help control runoff water. On December 8, SAGE members added the tree as part of the Arbor Day celebration. There is already diverse vegetation in the park, and the river birch tree will add to the local ecoystem by holding soil, shading a bright area and attracting songbirds and insects.

It was a dreary day, yet our new tree got a little bit of rain right after we put it in the ground. Check out our pictures below. Click on a photo to see it larger.

Shoveling will make you sweat hard.

Filling in with dirt. Tree roots will ease the erosion caused by the water that runs down that dark strip of dirt.

Just checkin 'er out.

Job's done. Guess who in this photo isn't stressing over exams.