Current Projects

Sustainable Dining

College campuses around the nation are innovating right in their dining halls. Campus dining services as far as Menlo College in California and as close as Warren Wilson College in North Carolina are providing recyclable materials instead of compressed foam and serving locally grown and organic foods - just two of the ways that a college could become more environmentally responsible. SAGE is working to get Sodexho, USC's dining services provider, to make those changes here in Columbia.

Recycled materials won't reach a landfill and will "close the loop" in the production cycle. Locally grown food doesn't require as much gas for shipping and supports the local economy. Food that is organic is grown without the use of pesticides or hormones, and with the use of sustainable farming practices like crop rotation.


Bicycles are a key way to get around USC's campus. Bikes don't burn gas, they're good exercise and they will get you to class fast. Colleges like Furman University and the University of Colorado - Boulder provide a fleet of bicycles for students to use all day and night. A student can pick up a bike, ride it somewhere on campus and leave it there for the next person to use. SAGE is working to bring a fleet to USC.