Recycling can be easy if you are a USC student. Campus residents should all have bins in their rooms (if you don't, keep reading), and there are various other collection locations throughout campus. The diagram below describes the types of items that are collected at USC.

If you recycle, you are "closing the loop" in the production/consumption cycle. Recycling returns raw materials to manufacturers so that they don't have to purchase new plastic, paper, metal or glass. That means that someplace in the world, that much less oil is burned or fewer trees are cut. It all adds up.

E-mail SAGE if you have specific recycling questions. Campus residents who do not have accessible recycling should contact their Housing office, and continued service problems should be reported to your RHA reps.

Once you get in the habit, you will realize that you can probably cut down the amount of waste you produce by recycling most of the products you use. See below for more information or visit the University's recycling home page!

What to Recycle