If you are a USC student or alumni, either originally Iranian or interested in Iranian culture and community, please do not hesitate to email us and join our network at Facebook to further improve this society. We will be happy and appreciated of your participation in our activities.


The Iranian Students Association at University of South Carolina (ISAUSC) founded on April 2011, is a cultural, volunteer, student-run organization recognized by the University of South Carolina student union. The scope of activities covers the Iranian culture, arts, history, sports, literature, and music. The ISAUSC is not a political organization and is not inclined towards any particular political ideology.


We hope to achieve our goal through the following activities:

  •     Inviting guest lecturers to the USC campus
  •     Producing cultural celebrations in honor of Persian holidays
  •     Throwing parties to keep the Iranian students alive!!
  •     Sharing information and experiences for the current students
  •     Providing help and information to ease the way for the prospective students
  •     Movie Night

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You can download the ISAUSC Constitution and read.