Welcome to the Carolina Judicial Council!

Please feel free to browse our page for important information regarding who we are, what we do, and how to join.  

A unique student organization at the University of South Carolina, the Carolina Judicial Council is a recognized honors society and as such attracts some of the University’s elite students. The Council serves a dual purpose; as campus role models, we personify the tenets of our guiding philosophy, the Carolinian Creed, and we function as a peer conduct review board acting with the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

As a judicial body, we…

As ambassadors of the Carolinian Creed, we…

  • act as a student voice to ensure fairness in the university student conduct system.
  • offer students fair, unbiased, peer-led conduct hearings.
  • promote accountability and leadership by acting as opinion leaders.
  • enrich the student conduct sanctioning process by recognizing stumbling points as learning and developmental opportunities.
  • aid students in self-reflection on their actions and choices, provide perspective, and uphold University values.
  • are role models to the Carolina community.
  • guide students to uphold the ethics outlined in the Creed.
  • enhance campus culture by fostering a sense of civility in everyday interactions.
  • promote critical thinking and stimulate open discussion of diverse ideas, beliefs, and opinions.
  • serve the Carolina community through Creed Day, Creed Week, and other service opportunities.