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Back in 2003—before LISSA had been named the American Library Association’s Student Chapter of the Year, before the School of Library and Information Science had undergraduate or doctoral programs, before many of the current faculty and staff members had even visited Davis College—Dr. Pat Feehan thought that the many activities and events associated with SLIS and its students needed to be chronicled.  With the help of SLIS student and LISSA member Mary Jo Giudice as editor, SLISten Up! was created to recount all that was happening in and around Davis College for members of LISSA and other SLIS students, as well as for faculty, staff and alumni.

As the School of Library and Information Science has grown, LISSA and SLISten Up!, under the guidance of Dr. Feili Tu, have grown with it.  SLISten Up! has provided a forum for LISSA members and SLIS students to publicize their academic work and the work they do in libraries on and off campus. It has allowed distance education students from outside Columbia, and from outside South Carolina, to keep their fellow students informed of what is taking place in their areas.  And it has allowed alumni to stay connected to SLIS and inform readers of the opportunities they have been able to pursue with their LIS degrees.

A lot has happened in the School of Library and Information Science since 2003, and much continues to happen.  We encourage you to look through some of the past issues of the newsletter. We also want you to be a part of recounting the current happenings by contributing to the next edition of the newsletter.

—Gene McClain, 2007 Editor of SLISten Up!

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