Distance Education


LISSA is dedicated to reaching every SLIS student, whether in South Carolina or another state or country!  Graduate school can be very daunting, especially far from campus, professors, and classmates, but it does not have to be a done alone.  Keeping up with LISSA has the potential to have fulfilling academic experiences, make friends, network professionally, help your community, and become deeply involved with your university and profession.


Keeping in touch with LISSA can be a great way to meet people of SLIS in your geographic area and to get a feel for where others are going in our shared profession.  Also, please remember that you are always a part of the campus family.  You are welcome to attend on-campus LISSA events, and socials.  We’d love to meet you and hear about the exciting things happening in your area!

If you would like to see more LISSA social, academic, or professional events happen in your area, have great ideas to share, or simply want to have a larger part in LISSA please contact President Sarah Hodierne by email: hodierns@email.sc.edu