Conference Funding

Click here to download an application for conference funding:

Request for Funds Application (PDF)


As the official student chapter of the American Library Association, the American Society for Information Science and Technology, and the Special Library Association at the University of South Carolina, LISSA is committed to providing its members with opportunities for professional growth. The organization allows its active, dues-paying members to receive monetary funds for conference attendance and participation. Below are a list of requirements an applicant must meet in order to be considered by the LISSA officers to receive financial assistance for conferences.

Granting of funds is contingent upon:

  1. LISSA membership. ONLY active, dues-paying LISSA members will receive LISSA funds. Dues must be paid and the applicant’s member form on file. Distance students who are active, dues-paying members of LISSA will receive the same consideration as those students who live in the Columbia, SC area.
  2. LISSA involvement. Priority is given to students who have attended at least one LISSA meeting or event (i.e., a monthly member meeting or a planned social event), as well as participated in one project or volunteer occasion (i.e., participating in annual calendar project or planned volunteer occasion) during the semester prior to the submission deadline. Additionally, priority will be given to those who are currently LISSA officers, or have previously held an officer position.
  3. Current enrollment. Students in their last semester of the program will be given priority.
  4. Grades/GPA. Students must be in good standing and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  5. Type of conference. ALA, ASIST, and SLA conference attendance will be given priority.
  6. Student’s role in conference. Students who are presenting research or a project at the conference will be given priority over those students who are requesting funds only to attend a conference.
  7. Previous conference funding received from LISSA. Those students who have not previously received LISSA funds will be given priority.

Note – Many of these stipulations give priority to members who have met these requirements, and is not meant to be exclusionary of any dues-paying member. All active, dues-paying LISSA members will be considered to receive funding.


Please note that our funds are limited, and therefore cap amounts have been instituted to protect our funds from running out. Applicants may receive up to $250 if requesting conference funds for a conference in which he or she is presenting, or for all expenses (including conference registration, travel (fuel), and lodging). LISSA will not cover food expenses unless some meals are covered in the total amount of the conference registration fee. Applicants may receive up to $100 if requesting conference funds for conference attendance only, or for fuel reimbursement only. Furthermore, LISSA will award no more than $500 per semester. If a large number of applicants request conference funding, applicants will be prioritized upon meeting the various conditions, and may receive a lower amount than requested.


Any student whose application is approved and received funding from LISSA is expected to:

  • Submit receipts at the end of the conference confirming attendance.
  • Share their experience with LISSA by writing an article for SLISten Up!; writing a post for the LISSA blog (500-750 words); or speaking at a LISSA member meeting.


Persons interested in receiving financial assistance from LISSA for conferences should submit a request to the LISSA President or the LISSA faculty advisor by:

  • May 1 for conferences held between July 1 and December 31.
  • December 1 for conferences held between January 1 and June 30.

Students are encouraged to submit applications throughout the year; however, priority will be given to applications that are completely submitted before the deadline.


Applications will be reviewed by the LISSA officers and approved based on the number of requirements met. You will be notified about your application after it has been processed.


Please note that if your application is approved and you will receive LISSA funds for your conference attendance, you will receive these funds AFTER the conference. Following the conference, you are required to submit your receipts along with a travel reimbursement voucher to the University of South Carolina Student Government office. A reimbursement check will then be mailed to you.

[Last updated: November 2015]