Our Mission

Our Mission: To create physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.

Phi Delta Epsilon is a professional, co-educational international medical fraternity representing more than 35,000 members (both young men and women) internationally. Founded at Cornell University in 1904, this organization began as a means of providing camaraderie, mentorship, and support among medical students. Its membership expanded dramatically and eventually led to the advent of its first pre-medical chapter in 1994. The extensive network of PhiDE encompasses medical and premedical students, practicing physicians, and distinguished emeritus members. It maintains active chapters on undergraduate campuses as well as accredited medical and osteopathic medical schools throughout the world. Over its long history, PhiDE has succeeded in building a network of committed healthcare professionals.

The pre-medical chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon unites students interested in a career in medicine and fosters their character development in leadership, community service, camaraderie, and professionalism. It offers a supportive environment and extensive resources for like-minded students to pursue their goals of being physicians.