International Projects

Picture4Gift of Life

Spring Valley Rotary brings a patient from abroad each year to SC through the Gift of Life program, covering the costs of travel and a life-saving surgery and housing the family while the child recuperates. We greet the family at the airport, and take them to the Riverbanks Zoo at the end of their stay in Columbia.


Picture23Paris Library Project

We are in the process of fundraising to support a library at an elementary school just outside of Paris, France. The students are eager learners, but currently have little access to places like a library. Parents have come together and devoted one of the smaller rooms to serve as a library, but need books to fill it with!


WAPIS: Water Project in Ecuadorwapis

As a partner with Engineer Without Borders in their efforts to build a sustainable irrigation system in La Victoria, Ecuador to help the local economy, we make WAPIS, or Water Pasteurization Indicators, for the EWB members to take with them and give to the local residents. WAPIS are easy and cheap to make, and identify when water or milk is drinkable.