Professional Develoment

Picture27Field Trips

To further support our pillar of professional development, in addition to having speakers at meetings we also take field trips to tour local businesses. One such outing was a tour of the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.


Picture18Rotary International Convention

Each summer, we send one member, selected by the officers through an application process, to the Rotary International Convention. This is the conference of all conferences in the Rotary world, and takes place in a new country every year. In the past conventions have been held in Australia and Portugal, and will soon be held in Brazil, South Korea, and even Atlanta, GA, USA. The convention serves as leadership training as well as an opportunity to represent our club and network with other clubs around the world.




thumbnailRotary Luncheons at 5 Points and Spring Valley

Our sponsoring club, Spring Valley Rotary, and the lcub of our faculty advisor, 5 Points Rotary, invite us to attend their weekly meetings several times a month. At these meetings, members have lunch, enjoy a presentation by top-rated speakers on fascinating topics, and have the chance to network with local



Every other meeting, we invite a speaker to come and present to members on topics of interest to them. Topics can be about careers, special interests, hobbies, projects, Rotary, success skills, etc. Past topics have included Kaplan graduate test prep, underwater photography, Sonoco Recycling, a career panel, resume building, and an engineering career at the ETV station among others.





Picture6Spring Banquet

Each Spring, we host a banquet to honor the achievements of members and recognize new members to the club. We have good food, music, and great company, inviting local Rotarians and friends in addition to members.