Our Three Pillars

Sigma Omega Upsilon was founded on the basis of the following three pillars. Each member strives to uphold each of these pillars not only through the fraternity, but in their daily lives, so as to promote a well-rounded, open-minded perspective.


As students of a university with the top undergraduate international business degree in the nation, we are provided with a great opportunity to advance our professional careers towards ambitious goals. In order to give ourselves the greatest chance of success, we are complementing our exemplary education with a demanding professional development program that includes interviewing skills, resume enrichment, body language and professional dress workshops.

We have hosted hiring managers to speak about best practices for resumes and interviews and have held a leadership seminar.


In this day and age, both our business and personal lives are permeated by encounters with people of various cultures. We are confident that those with cultural adeptness will be more successful in the field of international business.

For this reason, we have built our fraternity foundation with culture as a cornerstone.

Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.
-Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian Prime Minister 1889-1964

In order to appreciate culture and become aware of each region’s tendencies, we are committed to bringing in people of different nations to show us how we should act ‘when in Rome.’


A study done independently by three Ivy League institutes found that 85% of an individual’s professional success is a direct result of their social skills. It is for this reason that the second cornerstone of this fraternity is based on enriching our social aptitude.

All human interaction is based on communicating and those who do it best are those who achieve the greatest success. Business relationships require keen social awareness and help build trust with colleagues, clients, and even competitors.