New Executive Board 2015-2016

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Nov• 17•14

Hi SPA! Just wanted to congratulate our new SPA Executive Board for 2015-2016! These SPA-some HESA students will begin their term in Spring 2015. We are so excited to see the SPA-mazing things this team will do!

President: Michael Taucher
MT Pres
Vice President: Lauren Reidy
Treasurer: Trevor Sutton
Tsutton SPA
Secretary: Marissa Mannello
Manello SPA

SPAlloween 2014

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Nov• 03•14

Friends and Family Weekend

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Oct• 14•14

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all excited for AFF Weekend! Just some last minute reminders. The tailgate will start at 8:30 a.m. please see attached map to share with your family and guest that may not be familiar with the area around the stadium and the traffic patterns (Note, traffic patterns are exact opposite after the game). The tailgate will be catered! That being said if you have something you want to share with the group you are more than welcome to bring it! As always, SPA will provide water, but you will have to provide other beverages for yourself. Brunch will be at 10 a.m. at Jenny’s house on Sunday! If you have any questions about the weekend, please let Becky or myself know!


SPA Stars Volleyball

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Oct• 01•14

The SPA Stars volleyball team has their first game tomorrow at 7:00pm at the Strom. Make sure you register for the team and bring your Carolina Card so that you can play tomorrow! Here is the link to our section volleyball so all you have to do is click next to SPA Stars and then register!

SPAll Stars Finish Strong

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Nov• 21•13

The SPAll Stars co-rec intramural volleyball team finished strong in the second round of the playoffs. In the single elimination tournament, the team held their own against tough competition. SPA had so much interest in volleyball this year that we were able to create three teams made almost entirely of SPA members. The men’s team went far into the double elimination tournament and the women are going into the semi-finals this Sunday at 5pm! The teams were made up of over 10 SPA members:

First Years: Sean Sukys, Alex Thomas, Katie Miller, Jodie Waldroup,
Second Years: Katie Little, Ryan Lloyd, Julie Niblock, Katherine Hilson, Megan Denny, Jessica Myles

This is the farthest a SPA-sponsered indoor volleyball team has gotten in recent memory, so congratulations to the SPAll Stars and best of luck to our other SPA member teams as they continue on in the playoffs!

SPA Welcomes New Executive Board

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Nov• 21•13

We would like to welcome the new SPA Executive Board that was elected on Friday, November 15th! After a very exciting election process, the new Executive Board is transitioning into their roles to take full effect in the Spring Semester.

President: Tim Cason
Vice President: Christine Kovach
Treasurer: Jay Grothause
Secretary: Cameron Burroughs

Their first order of business will be selecting the Leadership Team that will join them in the leadership of SPA for the 2014 school year and we look forward to introducing them in the coming weeks!

SPA Completes Green Zone Training

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Nov• 10•13

Last month, SPA Professional Development Director Ryan Lloyd organized a special training for all SPA members during our October Professional Development meeting. He brought in Paul Mallard of the Student Success Center to discuss Green Zone Training, a training session to prepare us to work with student veterans on campus. The University of South Carolina, because of its proximity to Fort Jackson, has a large veteran population and the training taught us about the deployment cycle and what it is like to return as a veteran to a college campus.

Those members in attendance were able to complete the training and become Green Zone Certified.

Special thanks to Ryan and Paul for your dedication to the Professional Development of SPA members!

SPA-ll Stars Finish Season 1-4

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Apr• 23•13

The SPA-ll Stars intramural 4v4 Sand Volleyball team ended their season on Sunday with a close 2-0 loss in the playoffs. After a strong start to the league with a win in their first game, the SPA-ll Stars fought hard and remained competitive throughout the season with many close games and near-upsets. They look forward to competing once again in the fall in 6v6 Indoor Volleyball.

Members of the team included: Hayley Efland (Captain), Katherine Hilson, Katie Little, Ryan Lloyd, Courtney Tipton, Julie Niblock, Derek Henrichs, John Cote, Brian Bar, Phil Hardy, Joe Santangelo, & Sam Tang.


Blue Suede SROW

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Apr• 23•13

Contributed By: Rebecca Goldstein

During Spring Break this year, I got a chance to attend SROW—the Southeastern Region Orientation Workshop–in Memphis, TN, with fellow HESA and SPA members Jenna Schumann, Supaphen Nirola, Phil Hardy, Derek Henrichs, and Chelsea Ball. Besides getting to spend some quality 10 hour car rides with my favorite SPA-ll Stars (I mean, what’s better than that?!), I also got to meet almost 1000 undergraduate students who were pumped about being involved in Orientation and were ready to share their spirit with the rest of us!

Supaphen and I had the opportunity to lead a presentation called “Rumor Has it” about students’ perceptions prior to college. This was my first presentation, and while I was really nervous, my co-presenter helped make the presentation fun! Plus, three undergraduates asked if they could take some of the handouts back to their institution While I enjoyed presenting myself, the coolest part was watching undergraduates present their work and ideas. It was interesting to see their ideas and looking at how they presented them. It was refreshing to see so many students who are truly proud of their institution and want nothing more than to show it off!

Seeing these students really validated my path and reminded me why student affairs is the career I am pursuing. This is what made me passionate about student affairs to begin with, and going forward, this enthusiasm and pride is something I want to promote. What I got out of SROW was less what I learned from the sessions and more what I learned from watching the undergraduate students there. I returned to USC very tired, but with good friends, having eaten great BBQ, and a renewed sense of why I am a student affairs professional.

SPA Participates in Columbia’s Color Run

Written By: Student Personnel Association - Mar• 03•13


A team of SPA members, organized by Intramural and Wellness Chair Hayley Efland, woke up early on a Saturday morning to participates in Columbia, SC’s first Color Run. Known as the “happiest 5k on the planet,” The Color Run has grown exponentially since its first race in 2012 and Color Runners throughout the Columbia area were excited to welcome the event to the city. The route took the runners in a 5km loop around Columbia. As they ran, they were met with clouds of different colored powder ending with a Color Festival at the end of the race. The photo above was taken before the race with the runners dressed in white and the photo below shows the aftermath for Color Runners and SPA Members Hayley Efland, Lindsey Thomas, and Sarah McClanahan:


Photo Credit: Sarah McClanahan