Spuddy Reveal – Fall 2016

Welcome First-Years! Today, our incoming first-year HESA students were paired off with a “Spuddy” (a SPA Buddy)! Spuddies consist of second-year SPA Members that wish to serve as a mentor to one lucky first-year student. They will be a source of guidance throughout HESA and will serve as an especially important person of reference during this transition into graduate school.

First-year students and second-year students are paired based on a matching process. This year, the big reveal entailed first-year students untangling a piece of yarn marked with their name until they reached the end of their string. Once untangled, they would find a piece of paper with their Spuddy’s name on it. Second-year students were waiting for the big reveal and were prepared with signs to welcome their newest Spuddy.

Spuddy Reveal is a long-held tradition in SPA and we hope to continue this in the future. Our next Spuddy Reveal will be held in Spring 2017 for our newest HESA admits. See below for pictures of this event!