Executive Board

SPA Executive Board: 2017-2018

The Executive Board is made up of four positions that oversee the vision and plan for the Student Personnel Association (SPA). Each position supports the Lead Team and the committee members with their specialized projects. The Executive Board also keeps SPA members informed of organization updates, events, and opportunities for development. The graduate students that serve in these positions are chosen each year through an election process.



The president is charged with overseeing the overall logistics of SPA and setting a vision and plan for future development. The president represents the organization when working with other student organizations, faculty, staff, and administrators of the university; especially those within the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. The president leads all general SPA meetings and sets a time for leadership team meetings. The president provides support for all members as appropriate.

Current President: Emilia DeMarco (edemarco@email.sc.edu)


Vice President:

The vice president’s primary role is to oversee all directors and chairs and provide necessary support as needed. To this end, the vice president is responsible for the director and chair application process and maintaining contact with directors and chairs to share updates with the Executive Board. The vice president oversees the process of assigning members to committees. The vice president is in charge of planning the transition process for directors and chairs. Lastly, the vice president takes on the responsibilities of the president in a time he/she cannot do so.

Current Vice President: Alyssa Rollins (alyssavr@email.sc.edu)



The treasurer is responsible for creating and following a budget for each calendar year. The treasurer processes all expenditures for the organization and is responsible for the follow-up with the GSA or reimbursement of SPA members, if necessary. The treasurer is responsible for collecting dues from prospective members and updating the secretary of their payment.  The treasurer works with the GSA by attending treasurer workshops and submitting the organization’s budget.

Current Treasurer: Grace Day (gd3@mailbox.sc.edu)



The secretary is responsible for communication of the organization. The secretary takes minutes at meetings and shares these with the membership. The secretary creates the weekly updates for the organization and manages the listserv through which these are disseminated. The secretary is in charge of reserving spaces on campus for events maintains all documentation with the Office of Student Organization. The secretary is in charge of maintaining the organization’s website.  The secretary performs an audit of the constitution and bylaws and serves as the organizations parliamentarian.

Current Secretary: Haven Spanyer (hspanyer@mailbox.sc.edu)