Why would you get up at 6:30 in the morning?

By Sarah Shepard, Director of Service

12670930_954437311276356_5353896267508277886_n(Sarah on the right)

I began volunteering at Transitions my freshman year at USC shortly after I joined Timmy with a group of friends. I remember walking in to the kitchen at 6:30 AM my very first visit not knowing what to expect or who I would meet. Would I enjoy this? Would I actually be of some help? Safe to say after two and a half years, Transitions has become synonymous with my time here at USC. The staff welcomed me, as well as other Timmy members, with open arms and have been more than accommodating ever since.


Volunteering with Transitions has allowed me to not only get to better know Timmy members, but also the Columbia community as whole. It’s so easy to become lost in the bubble that college creates, so having the chance to volunteer off campus has been amazing. While I have loved getting to know other Timmy members outside of our meetings, my favorite part about helping with breakfast at Transitions has been the people that I have gotten to serve and the staff that I have worked alongside. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person in my two years in the serving line.

1504541_599395056780585_1917995174_nI have to remind myself, however, that this isn’t about me. I am one unbelievably small part of such a wonderful organization that strives to help individuals transition from homelessness to permanent housing. I, alone, am not changing anyone’s life by any means, but I can only hope that through my time at Transitions, I have made at least one person’s day better by providing them with a hot meal. Transitions has opened my eyes to the importance of food access and food security, which, along with nutrition, have become some of my passions and the reason why I currently volunteer with Harvest Hope Food Bank, one of Transitions’ partners and sponsors. Now, as service director I strive to keep our chapter’s relationship with Transitions strong. I hope that our members will love their time there as much as I have.